What is SEO and How to Implement SEO Techniques

What is SEO? If we have a website, of course we will need visitors who keep coming to our website for a very long period of time. The reason is a website that has many visitors of course can provide more benefits for us.

To be able to get a lot of visitors, we must need to understand the basics of SEO first. What is SEO? SEO or called Search Engine Optimization is a technique to get a good ranking in search engine pages.

What is SEO and How to Implement SEO Techniques
What is SEO and Why Must Understand SEO?

Everyone is basically if you want to find an information on the internet, the main thing they do is search for such information in search engines, like Google for example. Google? Bing? Or Yahoo Search? Whatever its search engine, the information contained in the search engine remains the same.

Why Must Learn SEO?
Because indeed all visitors to a website coming from search engines, and anyhow the search engine can bring a lot of visitors to our website. If we have an online store, then people who are looking for something with typed search keywords like "buy" in the search engine is likely to come to our online store. (Read also Learn SEO step by step: Improve website quality with SEO)

The conclusion is that SEO is important to learn, but we do not need to understand in depth. Meaning? If our website only limited to contain entertainment content with the contents of exciting stories or other things unique, of course we do not need to understand SEO.

However, SEO we need to learn and understand, if we have a website that aims as a business, such as online stores for example. So what is SEO need to be understood and learned? It's all back to what kind of topic on our website.

If we are:
Professional Blogger
Affiliate & CPA Marketer
Online Store Owner
Sellers Through Internet Products
And others that aim for marketing.

So we need once to learn SEO, not just learn it, we also need to understand SEO in depth, at least the basics. With SEO also we can develop our business, as we can learn in the article titled Using SEO For Business Optimization in Search Engines below.

How to Implement SEO?
Since SEO is not taught when we are still in school, it is no wonder so many people are searching for information on the internet by typing the keyword "what is seo, what is seo and its SEO techniques, what is important seo for website" and more ...

We say once again SEO is important. Due to the fact the website is on the main page or the first page on the search engine, it gets a lot of visitors. The first rank itself gets visitors more than 20% compared to websites that are in position or second page, third, fourth and so on.

Everyone is certainly interested in the information, then it makes the search engine more widely used for them to get information as soon as possible. If we become a search engine user like Google for example, when we search for information sought, of course we will open websites that are only on the first page of search is not it?

Of course we always want to get information as soon as possible, therefore websites that are on the second page, third, fourth and so on very little opened by the users of search engines. So therefore SEO is very important to do on our website so that our website get the best position on the search page, like Google for example. (Read also Cheap registration domain)

Can a Website Succeed Without SEO?
The website can also be successful without the help of SEO, as there are many people who have popular websites without the help of SEO or even the person does not know and understand about SEO.

But if you want to have a website that can be successful without the help of SEO, it is often is promoting the website in the forum, facebook group, tell our website to friends in social media, and others. The point is often the promotion. Then others will know the existence of our website without us need to understand SEO.

But the success depends on how attractive our website, if we often campaign and continue promotion but it turns out our website is not interesting, then others will not visit our website again. So the core to success without the help of SEO is, diligent is to promote the website and create interesting content on our website.

Like What Is SEO?
Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others are a product. Of course they want to provide the best service for its users, not just displaying ordinary information only. Search engine users would want to get information relevant to their search, then search engines will display information from websites that provide information that is highly relevant to the searches that the users are looking for.

So understanding what SEO is if our website is the best for the desired keywords, and the information on our website there are keywords that users search, then Google will put our website in the top position, so that users can get the best information from the best, According to the keywords they are looking for.

In What Aspects Is The Website To Be The Best?
To make the best website and get the top and top positions in the search engines are:
Content presented on the website should be good and very informative.
Navigation between pages on the website should not be a mess.
Popularity of the website (at least there are hundreds more people who know the existence of our website)

Conclusion, this SEO is actually a technique that is highly recommended for marketing purposes. So to support or increase sales or other related marketing, then this SEO is necessary to be applied to our website. Hopefully this brief explanation can help you to understand what is SEO and its implementation for our website. Good luck.

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