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The reality for people who want to learn SEO step by step, that SEO every year is always changing and nothing is certain. Every year search engines always change its algorithm to provide a better experience to its users.

SEO seems to be interpreted as a nightmare for anyone who wants to learn SEO, not about the difficulty to understand, but the information that many scattered on the Internet that makes everyone who wants to learn SEO to be confused.

For now a lot of SEO techniques that are scattered on the internet, whether it is a new technique or a long-standing technique, such things can make you confused if people want to learn SEO. We need to know that 50% of SEO techniques that became popular on 3 years ago it was categorized as SPAM.

And of course for people who want to learn SEO step by step, such SEO techniques are not recommended anymore. Examples of popular techniques at the time were guest book, article directory, blog comment, web 2.0, linkwheel, and many more unfortunately until now there are still using the technique, however in reality it is all SPAM.

So, not a few websites that are penalized even deindex for using the technique. Therefore to make the quality of our website to be better, then we need to use a reasonable and safe SEO techniques that can improve website with SEO the quality of our website.

Before Learning SEO, This is the SEO Technique Must Be Used
What kind of SEO technique is meant? As an example of White Hat SEO techniques, because basically using blackhat technique is not something that must be continuously done to make the website into quality, and in fact our website is too valuable to be damaged in such ways.

White hat SEO techniques not only optimize on-page or create quality content that is interesting, but many other factors contained in white hat SEO techniques. If we want to learn more SEO, we can learn SEO by starting using techniques on White Hat SEO.

Here are some things contained in white hat SEO techniques that we can use to improve the quality of our website.

Fixed Link Internal Structure
To make the website more qualified, of course we need to improve the internal structure of our website link. Why? Because by improving internal links, readers or visitors to our website can better feel the benefits of our website content that is connected to each other so as to improve the experience of readers on our website.

Can we say that the external link or commonly called backlinks is very good to improve the quality of the website, it is very good ... but do not also forget the internal links on our website, because it can help improve the quality of the website. Websites that have good structure should have some main pages other than the homepage. On the main page must have interesting content as support website quality.

Finding Links To Getting Links
The most important factor in SEO is Link, but to get Link is not easy. Link can increase the quality of our website, but also can degrade the quality of our website if we get links by way of Spamming or using blackhat techniques.

To get link, we can do way:
Broken Link Building.
SEO techniques on this one is a technique to get links in an ethical way. The workings of this technique is to look for broken links on other people's websites and replaced with our links.

The way to get links from broken links on other people's websites, is by:
Find the location of broken links on other people's website (priority related to his topic with our website).
Create interesting content and make sure it should be better than the website that has a broken link.
Contact the website owner to enter the link address of our website to his website that has links that have been damaged earlier.

This way may seem very difficult, but in reality this way can be more successful than other ways, and even then if we can optimize it. In addition to getting traffic from there, we can also establish a relationship with other website owners.

Updating Old Articles
A quality website certainly has a lot of quality content as well, one of the content sought by many people is the article. The more interesting and weight the content of the article the better the quality of the website. So it's good we need-need to update the contents of the old article with the addition of the latest info so that the article becomes more weighted.

Is a long article already weighted? Not necessarily. Articles that are weighted are the information in which can help more to the visitors or the readers of the article on our website.

So how many words should be made in one article to make the article more qualified? The answer is no matter how important the content of the article can be very helpful to the readers.

But if you can, it's good to make articles with words more than 2000 words, such as information from serpIQ that says that the number of words in one article can affect the position of the website in the search page.

Fixed Title in Website Content
Title on the content contained in the website of course affect the position of our website in the search page, the use of titles can improve the quality of our website. It's a good idea not to give the title carelessly, create a title that can attract people to view the content.

There are two factors that can make the title interesting to people as well as to search engines, the two factors are:
Title Interest (a title that makes people curious)
And, there are keywords in the title.

These two factors are the most important factors that make a title more attractive to people or readers as well as to search engines. So by using keywords placed in the title that makes people curious, then our website will get a lot of traffic either from where the position of our website pages are located or from the interest of people to click the content in our website. (Read also Unlimited Web Hosting Malaysia)

Digging Hidden Keywords and Searching for Popular Topics
To get a keyword, we can use Google Keyword Planner, but of course will not feel optimal if only using Google Keyword Planner only. To dig out hidden keywords, we can use KeywordTool.io and also added with Google Keyword Planner (GKP). The trick is to search for a specific keyword by entering keywords or keywords into the fields provided in this KeywordTool.io website.

Before searching for keywords, make sure first we use the Indonesian language, it if we want to find keywords that speak Indonesian of course. To find its keywords we can search by pressing the magnifying glass icon on the right side of the column.

learn seo

The result we can see and we COPY all keywords by pressing the "COPY ALL" and PASTE in notepad, or Excel, or other media.
learn seo step 2

After that, input keyword into Google Keyword Planner by selecting menu "Get search volume data and trends".

learn seo step 3
After that PASTE right there.
learn seo step 4

Then click the "Get search volume" button.

After all the keywords we are looking for is displayed by Keyword Planner, then we just choose keywords where the search is more than the other keywords. We can also download all the keywords and insert them into Excel, if we want more easily sorting which keywords will we use for the title of the website.

Promoting a Website by Creating Articles on the Site Here:
There are many ways to promote the website in order to get a lot of visitors, one of them being a writer on websites such as Guest Blogging and forums or other media.

To create articles on these sites, we certainly should not openly promote our website. As directly put a link when first writing on these sites. The best way is to make ourselves gain the trust of our readers on these sites, with us getting trust from them, we can create another useful article by including a link to our website.

Techniques like these are very powerful to get a lot more visitors, and this way it takes time that is not fast, but can last longer than if we use blackhat techniques.

So that's like some of the learn SEO step by step techniques we mentioned and we can use to improve the quality of our website. There are still many white hat SEO techniques that can be used to improve the quality of the website, but the 6 techniques above have been able to improve the quality of our website, if we can optimize it.

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